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DISCLAIMER:This webpage is here only because it's free. So if you dare to continue,
Remember These Words of Wisdom from the original loud-mouthed fatass:

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A special for you
Anna fans... 
it's the Anna
Screen Saver.

These are how the commercials should be:

Priceless 1

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Priceless 4

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Hi I'm Britney! Tee-Hee!
I'm your guide for the Cholo World feature:
'Britney's Link of the Week!' Tee-Hee!

Cheezy Poofs rOOl

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... please don't drop the soap Marcus.

Cholo World Words of Wisdom


Back on nights again at AOL, so there won't be many updates until I get back on days in another month or so. Was considering re-opening the site on a real URL, don't know yet. Updated some shit tonight. New Babe of the Time Period. Removed some crappy sites and added some real good ones to the Linkage section. ABC Gambino's 4 Life sucka.

The Cholo World Babe of the (Insert Time Period)

The Future Mrs. Cholo


I write here

I write here as well

Tell AZ he Sux0rs for me

For all your literature needs

Barbwire and Co. rule

GTSR? I'll whoop you

No Names Needed

Hi, I created the internet

Pop-Culture rules

Transformers on crack?

Don't say I didn't warn you.


They are really just
a bunch of pussies.

nuff said.

Secret Prize inside of course.

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