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Welcome to my tribute to the Star Wars Universe!

Hey people!! Here it is. One of the top Star Wars sites in the TopSites ranks at Coolsurfin. Well, heres where you can find the ultimate homage to the greatest film and book series of all time, with the focus on the New Jedi Order book series!
Want to get in on the act? Email me with stuff and I'll add it on!

Latest News!!

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04/12/02: Wurths fic has now been added to the Fics page, yay! It takes a while to load up though, so be warned!

04/11/02: Well some more updates...we have joined a web ring run by the New Horizons forums...check them out. Also the forums getting a revamp...that will be finished pretty soon as soon as I can get ryan and simon into a big 3 chat about it...also I'm getting some stuff sorted out about the fics and members pages...they will be done very soon.

04/08/02: Ok...big updates. Spike sent me the Traitor cover and a NJO wallpaper...both are up at the gallery. Also, Ive added a poll to the home page..check it out. Theres also a new page...the Spoilers page

04/06/02: Ironfist gave me a link to a site where the full plot of AotC is posted...go Here to read them...beware...BIG BIG SPOILERS!!

04/05/02: Ryan(headhunter) has seen some AotC spoilers on TFN and eent them to me, highlight to read...thanks ryan, and also thanks to TFN for putting them up in the first place!! Go Here to read them.

03/28/02: Ok Rebel Dream is out now in the US!! But poor old brits like me have to wait another week until April 4 to get our copies. Darn! Also there are more pages to check out!! Look at the Books Schedule and Shop which are the latest editions, as a treat cos u know what?? WE GOT 2000 HITS!! WOO HOO! Check out the shop, with links to my fave online stores...if u want to see others on, tell me where they are and I'll check them out..:D
Also....I cant wait until AotC comes out!! Damn u Yanks with ur May 16th release! Or is it the same?? Hmmmmmm....

03/26/02: I've updated the links and affiliate pages with the link to Stephanie (Sith Lady)'s NJO Site...check it out, its cool. Also, Ive added some more links to the links page, and there will be some more changes made in the next week or so regarding layout.

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